Long Live Lettuce ! 

(and the Joys of Vegetables )


"Long Live Lettuce!" (and the Joys of Vegetables)
a comic ballet in four tableaux
David Johnson

Suggested scenario (note: the choreography should not utilize en pointe dancing but only barefoot or slippers)

Tableau One: Processional and Pandemonium. The dancers solemnly enter each caring a different variety of vegetable (as many different varieties as possible). Through pantomime and dance, discussions arise on the merits of each vegetable. This gradually develops into a heated argument when, finally, all hell brakes loose as everyone ends up throwing the vegetables at each other and running off-stage.


Tableau Two: In the Cornfield - the "Cornation"  (sic) of the Corn King. The music will guide until the rite is completed. Then gradually a harvester appears  churning up wheat and accidentally runs over our newly-crowned Corn King. Although he is not fatally wounded, he is damaged enough to be taken to hospital, where the  scene shifts (still the same tableau) and we see him laid up in bed with his leg hoisted up in traction. His friends enter and offer him condolences and gifts (more vegetables of course) and dance for him. He ends up alone with his sweet-heart in his arms.

Tableau Three: Night. This is the one non-comic section of the ballet. There is no definite scenario. Let the music guide the choreographer to illustrate the psychological aspects of night, e;g; fear, loneliness, emptiness and stillness. (suggestion: the appearance of nymphs is suggested at one point in the music, perhaps in conjunction with a dream-like sequence).

Tableau Four: Waltz of the Vegetables. No scenario although the key emotion and idea is joy triumphant over the dark forces of the mind. The dancers could represent various vegetables by costumes or  simply by carrying them. Much physical contact should be used among all the dancers to a united conclusion where, after the last chord is heard, all the cancers raise their arms and shout (in Greek!): "Ζήτω το μαρούλι και όλα τα λαχανικά!"

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